Transform your XP instalation to look as Vista

There is a program to transform your XP look to Vista. Very easy to install and looks great.

Is this any safe? I mean no spyware or anything like that?

It’s safe and freeware. Go for it Wlodek. :smiley:

Anyone got a program to make Vista look, behave and perform like XP?

Just installed it - pretty good!

Why not install it on top of XP? You will have Vista look on top of Xp install. That program will change just a look not OS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who need Vista BTW? :hehe:

Do you think my old Dell could handle it?

sure :stuck_out_tongue:

'Puter numpty question;)

My old laptop had XP

My new laptop has Vista

I can’t really see that much difference in the User Graphics. What benefit is there in emulating XP on a Vista platform?

No idea, I haven’t got Vista yet, still on XP. Xp is more popular, less problems with hardware drivers etc. I will give Vista more time until I will install it on my system in the future. XP doesn’t require that much resources. If you want Vista look and XP functionality then leave XP installation and install that program on top of it.

Some benchmarks shows that XP is faster that Vista at this moment. Why upgrade to it then? Why not change just look to make XP looks more modern.

I just don’t understand… Do you think XP looks old fashioned then?

Did you ever use W3.1?:w00t:

Oh yes mate, and stylexp. With that transformation program you don’t need to pay. That the difference. :slight_smile:

I ha w3.11 that rules I used t he hotdog setting…

I installed Vista Ultimate (x64) on my home rig…and restored XP Pro (x64) the next day.

I found Vista to be a pain in the rear end, which seems to be the view of most of the network engineers I work with.

Good choice. :wink:

Hoverer why not to get rid of Windows at all and buy Mac or install latest Linux distro? :cool:

What do engineers know anyway :wink:

well ive got vista,and i can say i do like it…ok …you need to spend some time with it…but things slowley fall into place…as far as going back to XP?..well…not sure if ide go that far…

i think i’ll stick with it for a bit…


I think it is better to wait for the first “service pack” (and having all the bugs corrected) before install Vista.
Anyway what can Vista does better than XP?



I don’t think the first service pack is going to fix everything, I’m sure MS said the first SP will be quite a small set of fixes. You can try release candidate 1 of SP1 already if you want…

I upgraded two nights ago, to Vista Business. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. I thought compatibility might be an issue, but it looks like I waited long enough and pretty much everything works with it now, infact I’ve yet to find something that I can’t get working.

DX10. I bought Crysis yesterday to see what it can do, I have to say it’s pretty impressive. I shot this one guy to peices, emptied a clip into him… and after he fell to the ground, a branch slowely fell off the tree behind him :smiley: It generally looks pretty amazing, even if I have to run it at medium detail with an 8800GT.