Transferring video from phone to pc

This afternoon I attended my eldest son’s nativity play. I took some video footage on my phone, a Nokia 6300. How can I get this footage onto my computer, so I can share it with the rest of my family? I don’t have any cables or anything, and I’m not willing to invest much time, money or effort in to the project.

Thanks in advance

Erm… Are you sure you haven’t got the correct cable in the box John? The last two or three Nokias I’ve had all came with PC cables.

If not, find someone who has got cables and send them the files via Bluetooth or IR

Hope that helps:)

Ill jump on the back of this one.

I have a Nokia N95, and do have a cable. When I try to download the footage it will not play on any supported media players on my computer. Anyone know how to convert Nokia stuff into Windows Media Player etc?

Hertscol. Apples Quicktime player should play 3GP videos. And i’m pretty sure too that most phones these days come with a data cable inc. If not they’re only a coupla quid on e-bay.

Go to the nokia site select your phone and download the software for free from there, when you connect you phone to the computer it will automaticly connect to the internet and download software to connect to the phone once this happens a file will automaticly open requesting what software you want to open the phones files with open with view folders and it should work and then you can save it on the computer!!!

I don’t have any means to connect the phone to the computer…there may have been a cable in the box, but as I bought it solely as a means to talk to people I’ve never installed the software or even got the disc or cable out of the box… and I don’t know where the box is now:(

I seem to recall the salesman wittering on about bluetooth when I bought the phone, is there a way I can get my computer to be bluetooth compatiable and get the video that way?

You can buy a bluetooth ‘dongle’ which simply plugs into a usb port and enables your pc to receive and send files. I bought a Tesco own brand one (Technika) for £6. Its literally ‘plug n play’ too. I’m out shopping all this week :(so if i can help dont hesitate to lemme know. :):):):slight_smile:

I took some vids of the ride leaving Davebez’s funeral and managed to upload them on my PC and onto Youtube. Don’t ask me how as it was more luck than judgement:D

If you can MMS me a clip to my mobile i’ll have a go and email it back to you.

I’ve had success! Well sort of. That very nice chap Chunky has agreed to take one of my vids and convert it on his pc and e-mail it to me…but in the meantime, and to avoid Chunks spending all his spare time sorting out my videos…

This evening a mate came round, and I was discussing kids nativty plays, and we got talking about this problem… by a stroke of luck he had some kind of magical device which he put into a usb port, and then he downloaded from software from Nokia, and then we got the video into my computer, stored within some files in a program calles Nokia PC Suite… It’s witchcraft I tell ya:)

Sadly he’s gone now, he has something normal people call ‘work’ in the morning - he was moaning about getting out of bed at 0430 or some nonsense like that… anyway I can’t see how to get the video from Nokia pc suite into some kind of format that Windows media player or something similar would understand…

Can anyone help…please?

Hi, I have a Nokia N95 and my videos are in MPEG-4 format. These play in Apples Quick time player which can be downloaded for free here

I might already have quick time on here somewhere, thanks for the tip I’ll give it a go tomorrow

No problem. I’m not sure what format your videos are in. An alternative to Quicktime is the VLC media player, available here

Hope this helps. :smiley:

I’ve recieved John’s MMS to my phone, downloaded it to my harddrive using that magical NokiaSuite;)

Plays fine on Quick Time

As soon as you send me your email, i’ll whiz it across mate:)

Cheers mate - works fine - No 1 son in all his disinterested glory:D