Transferring a no claims discount...

Is it possible to use my 1 years no claims on another bike?

It’s on my existing bike policy which runs until august. Would it be possible to transfer it over onto a new policy?

Insurance bloody costs too much :frowning:

You can only use it on one policy concurrently.

Have u tried adding a multibike ? last time i did that it was only £79 extra

if you had a years no claims when you took out your current policy then you can use it on your next policy fo sure. :smiley:

If Im reading first post right , Ur just swopping bikes , yes, not keeping both ?

You just use the 1 year on the new policy ,if they ask for proof, u have to get the old company to send u NCB proof unless its still with the same insurer.

I started riding again 1 1/2 years ago, after a long gap ,( so no proof of old NCB . )

I got a new bike at end of 1st year & i stayed with same insurer ,but insured a new bike , with my 1 years ncb from the other bike on this policy …

They just transfer from bike to bike ( untill ya loose it and it all starts again )

Didn’t explain myself properly…

I’ll be keeping my current bike, which has a policy that expires in august, with currently 1 years NCB

I will then be insuring my other bike at the start of April. It’s going to be more expensive to insure, so could I remove the NCB from my current policy, and apply it to the new bike?

Will call my current insurers regarding multi bike policy…

Yes ofcourse :slight_smile: NCB doesn’t go with the bike, it goes with you.