TrakKing ..... additional uses ....

Had rather nice email and text from Scorpion first thing this morning letting me know my battery was f*cked.

“Your Datatool TrakKING unit has reported a low voltage alert for the battery on vehicle EX*****.”

Saved me chucky all my gear on only to find my bike wont start …

Guess I’ll be ordering a new battery after tonight’s review of the existing …

Or you could borrow my charger Ian.

MotoBatt. It makes sense…

Have tried to bring the battery back to life … using hi-tech battery optimizers, witch-craft and sweet talk … but to no avail

Your tracker isn’t killing your battery is it?

vote #2 for motobatt

Yourebarred … no, its the original … 2009 and 23k on it … not surprised its time for her to depart to battery heaven.

motobatt - don’t do a replacement for the ZX10r

sell it and get a new bike

EXACTLY what I’m doing

Just waiting on something before I take the plunge

Saw my model on sale with almost identical mileage … accessories add up to pretty much the same value - but he’s in south Wales. He’s asked £4900.

If you’re gonna sell it anyway, buy the cheapest chinese battery you can find. Should last the few hours it takes them to ride it home :stuck_out_tongue:

BikeTrac does the same - it warns you when its battery or your bike’s battery falls below a certain voltage.

Set it to a fairly high reading… every time the bike starts, you will get a notification… and if you are indoors and get the message…get your baseball bat and run towards your bike !!