Training in South London


Got a mate who wants to get his CBT etc so he can ride a scooty puff jnr.

I passed my test back in coughs so have no idea about current training etc.

Can someone please recommend a good place for his training?

Lives in West Dulwich, so somewhere not too far from there would be lovely.

Thanks in advance.

Mate, its ALL change in these here parts unless there’s some progress ont eh new testing system.

The situation as I understand it is all the small test schools and centres are being amalgamated into 35 big national test centres, as part of some big nationalisation and test -improvement drive… anyhoo, I have no idea where ANY of them are, and they are all currently over-booked by months, so there is also a big question as to whether this changeover is even going to go ahead or not… they tried it in France and ITaly and experienced exaclty this sort of chaos, and now they’re trying it here…

Try this:

Bikewize is run by a mate of mine:

lmrt (london motorcycle rider training) aint to far from u i think they have moved now nere bell green nere the saver centre area. also a new lmrt in lee green if u no it? (eltham road).

I did my DAS with these people -

Like you say the Catford one has moved and is now behind the Gas works next to the Sainsbury’s Saver Centre Sydenham/Bell Green

Good bunch of people.

Otherwise you’ve got Metropolis in Vauxhall -

Also I think there is one that operates out of Crystal Palace park, but I can’t find any links for them.

Thanks for the info guys.

The contrary git has just decided to book somewhere in East London anyway.

Why do I bother trying to help. OK, technically I asked you lot to help, but you know what I mean.