Training Centres

Is there a section anywhere on LB that shows locations or recomendations for training centres in certain areas?

I’m really interested in getting my full licence as soon as possible.

37 years old, did my CBT and bought bike end of June (Not had much experience but gaining some). I believe i can go straight onto unrestricted???

Live in Tilbury, Essex


think theres a few around your neck of the woods chris, if not, I did mine quite a few back in romford opposite the dog track, think direct access will now cost you around £650 mark, if you dont fail and need to re-sit any of the modules, ie theory, mod 1, mod2

the alternative, cheaper way is to just put yourself through each one, without the training, big difference money wise

I’m still getting the experience at the moment (up to 240 miles on the bike now). But would love to be able to move up to something bigger.

Would keep my R125 to ride without the L plates during the week, but have something a bit special for weekends or BM.