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I’ve been looking into doing same advanced riding courses for a few reasons

  1. To improve my riding abilities\techniques

  2. To bring down the cost of my insurance! I think £2k a year fully comp is a bit steep!

Has any one done, or know of someone who has done one of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) courses? Would they recommend it? How long did it take to complete, what group did they go to? How much did it cost? Is it worth doing one?

Has anyone has got any other ideas? And no, selling the bike is not an option. I think I might be selling a kidney (for what a pickled one’s worth!) in the next few months to pay the insurance!

Thanks in advance for your help

Well there’s a lot of questions!

  1. Any training is good. It makes you question your riding.

  2. The IAM is very good at making you safer, largely by increasing your observation skills. I did mine 5 yrs ago, trained as an Observer, and am now a member of the Middlesex group. It won’t teach you how to ride faster or get your knee down, but if your observation skills are good, and you are smooth, then speed is a natural by-product.

  3. It costs peanuts, basically a tenner everytime you go out to pay for the Observer’s petrol. How many times you go out, and when, is between you and them. The test (inc a year’s membership) costs about £40 I think, but will have all the details inc groups near you. Try and get a bike only group, unless you are a car driver too.

  4. Otherwise, a training company can be a good way of fine tuning, but it is expensive (hundreds of pounds a day). I’d recommend as they are top geezers and most are bike cops, who no matter what you think of police, can ride better than anyone on the road.

  5. Your first port of call though, should be for a very low cost (£30 ish) introduction to advanced training to see if you can click with it. Not all can.

Good luck, oh and welcome!

Bikesafe is fab, all of us (at LB) have done it, it’s a good day out and points you in the right direction for further training or riding improvements.

Why dont you contact your insurance company and ask if they could recommend any that would qualify for a reduction in premium?

That quote is really really high - even mine on the new bike was less than a £800 and i dont even have my licence (well at least not for the next two weeks…)

In terms of the courses - the insurance company will have a listing of these and there are quite a few around including IAM, ROSPA, and of course private.

Wow, thanks for all the replies.

First of all I’d just like to state (no I’m not a copper…), that I think the best bikers happened to be police officers as they are paid to get trained up to the highest standard possible, and tested at highest levels.

Second of all, I’d like to stress how keen I am about improving my riding skills (always room for improvement), by saying that I have already got a course booked (with 2 other work colleges) for the bike safe scheme. Problem is because of the backlog, I have to wait until mid July…

Third of all, I’m not really looking into this as a “way to get the knee down”. I’m more looking at this as a way to improve my riding skills, as I believe EVERYONE could do with more training. To say your at the top of your abilities I think is a bit un-realistic. But then that’s just my opinion.

I think it might be worth me doing the Bikesafe course before I start anything else. As JAY said, it might not be for everyone…

Thanks for all your input.

No problemo

Extra training is always good but have you have you tried eBike insurance to get you quote down?

These guys are supposed to be quite good I believe…

That’s my group, and they do alot of activities and ride outs which is great. They are a little, how shall i say this, older than us. They are a lot like the stereotype I’m afraid, which may put some people off. That said, all the members I’ve met so far have been top fella’s so I’m still a member!

Or mebbe I fit the stereotype too well


We’ve prolly all been where you are now. I got in touch with the IAM about 300yrs ago and they put me in touch with the “Essex Advanced Motorcycle Group LTD.” ( the website is crap but the club is very good ).

I was really lucky because there were some gr8 people there. They have a gr8 social scene too. They/we(?) have a social evening on the out skirts of Chelmsford at a Golf Club (private hall with very good food and Beer). Its on the 1st Tues of every month (about 7-10pm). I have’nt been there for yonks but its a gr8 ride out. I go via Ongar/Gt. Dunmow not the A12 so its all country lanes.

In the car park (laceName>BikelaceName> laceType>ParklaceType>) you not see too many BMW Tourers or Sam Brown reflective belts I see you in my area if you want to go for a trundle out there…

Membership is minimal and you’ll be allocated an Observer. You get a Police Road Craft manual, you learn and practice on your own. Then you regularly meet with your Observer and he/she will see how you’re are interpreting the “Good Book”. Then once a month your given the opportunity to ride with a different Observer to get another opinion of you riding. This is a gr8 help.

I had a gr8 time. I would still love to meet them regularly but time is not a commodity I have in shed loads. They’ll not appreciate me telling you this. But on one of these rides with another Observer, when the ride finished the 3 of us decided to go for a fry up. The Observer was pulling Wheelies and getting his knee down!!

Anyone else fancy a run out. It takes about 1hr (the greenway) from Ilford/Romford. I have a supermoto but from the far side of Ongar I should be able to keep up

wow! are you quite sensible then?

i’d never have thought…

Fortunately The EAMG are not generally too anal… Is age gonna be a prob? There aren’t too many teenagers there… Theres prolly none?

Nah, age is not a problem for me. I may look old with the grey hair, so I might get away with it!!

I know the route your talking about via Hainault, Abridge, etc…. nice ride when the sun’s out…

Would you think about going Tuesday coming (2nd May)? If so, PM me and we can arrange to meet up some place and have a cruise up and gatecrash?

Well done on the decision to improve yourself on two wheels.

We can all improve and any training is good training.

The lads at Rapid are the guys that take me for refresher courses etc and they are <bias mode> probably the best around<bias mode>

Bikesafe is a good option just to see where you are with your ride…

IAM are very good , TVAM are local to me (Berkshire) and boast hundreds of members…

They are meeting in Wokingham this Sunday and i hope to make an appearance (although i’m ‘officially’ working)

Good luck with whatever choice you make…whichever one it is i’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

A 3 month bike safe waiting list, ill have to book mine over the weekend its something I really want/need to do.

Yeah FB, that’s cool. It don’t need to be just us 2 tho. Anyone else up for the ride? The ‘Roller Bowl’ in Collier Row is a good meeting place for me, but I am open to suggestions? The B184(?) route is a tad fast for an aging XR6 (not to mention the pilot :unsure, but I should be able to make it: rolleyes:

Hey, one thing I will ask of anyone wanting to join us. Speed limits in the villages, if its posted 30/40/50 in the villages, can we please respect these limits. The villages aren’t very big so when we get to the GLF signs at the other end, we can thrapp-it to our hearts content I am not a prude, allegedly I’ve had 160mph on the way to the EAMG club :whistlingno, not on my XR6!:crazy.

I’ll PM you my number…

Of course it depends where you are based but Thames Vale Advanced Motorcylists have their monthly meet this Sunday Morning at St Crispins School, Wokingham.

Anyone can turn up and get an introductory observed ride on the day (be there by 9:30) there is no obligation to sign up and indeed no pressure either, but most do as most will learn something.

If you come along I’ll see you there.

Weather permitting, if anyone is up for a good blast out to the social night of the EAMG Tuesday evening , please let me know, I’ll need to sort myself out


I attended, did we meet?

I was pretty obvious…but met quite a few peeps…

bloody good bunch as well…