Train to Germany


Me and a few mates are going on a bike trip in Bavaria. Just wondered if anyone knew if there was a way to get the bikes and ourselves on a train to Germany, preferably overnight, so we don’t waste to 4 days in total of our week purely hammering it down auto routes


google motorail that will bring up the info you want, beware its expensive though so why not take 2 days each way and go cross country instead of Autobahns ? plenty of cheap overnight accomadation over the water and its then part of the adventure.

if your heading Southern Germany direction take in the B500 it looks amazing check out Rioting Robs pix of his trip along it

hope that helps


Ride over & stop off in the Mosel valley, beautiful area & great roads. Then take the B500 down to Bavaria.

I’m a bit confused why it would take you 2 days to get to Germany using motorways. I’ve made it to Portugal in 19 and a half hours non stop in a van. Not the safest way of doing things but I still got there.

Germany should take you no longer than 6 hours to the boarder.

You could make it there in a day if you got a nice early channel tunnel.

1 boring day on the motorways but you’ll get to your destination quicker and cheaper…