Trailer or van for track day, recommendations?????

Hi all,

Looking at getting a trailer or van for Caldwell in August. Any one recommend a van or trailer hire company?


zipvan if you have one local - 90 quid max rental for 24 hours. Otherwise Hunt in Battersea

Everything stays safe in the van overnight, dry and its arguably easier to drive (certainly to park, reverse or do a U-turn)

van all day for me- tried to use a trailer on the last trackday and was just jumping everywhere small tyres aint cool, vans the way forward! when are you going cadwell park? im planning on going next week, ive got a medium size van will carry 2bikes if your put some diesel? alex

Yeah Cadwell, looking at doing double track day on the 19,20 leaving on the 18th. Thank for the offer though.

no worries dude, im back to work after next week:( so im planning on doing cadwell then snetetton before i go back