trail bikes

A mate of mine is interested in getting a trail bike for bumming round Scotland on. I don’t know much about them. Can anyone offer any advice? He wants something cheap to buy and run, but realiable (don’t we all!) so second hand would be ideal. Any good makes/models out there that could take being ridden over the Highlands?

There are all sorts of bikes but if its real off road suggest he looks for something 250 to 400. Far easier to pick up when they fall over and far easier to control in tricky situations for someone not used to riding off road. If its more road biassed then something with a bit bigger engine would do fine.

As for what to get, it really depends on budget but you have the DR series from Suzuki, different forms of the bike available. Bigger thumper and should be able to obtained pretty cheap is the KLX650 from Kwaka. Then theres KTM bikes. Yamaha do some trailies. There are many bikes to chose from though so knowing budget and exact requirements would be better.

cheers. Will try and get more details from my mate.

ok, he wants something for about £500, and doesn’t want to have to go far to pick it up, so around Borehamwood/Watford are would be good.

500 quid isn’t gonna get a lot. Probably something a bit older like an XL. Swings and roundabouts, older more wear less reliable, not what you want in the middle of nowhere. Newer, more expensive “should” be in better nick.