Traffic Warden @ Frith....

Anyone else get a ticket last night?
This guy must have been on a bonus or something as Chad and I got one each for £50 - and he was making his way down the street camera and ticket machine in hand!!!

He’d think twice if you had one of these



what the hell…


whats going on, a purge against the biker…again !!!

The only logic and sensibility I have come across lately is from COPS ON BIKES !!!

Years ago it was drummed in to me that these guys were the worse types !!!

Another lesson learned by Barro !!!

If it was the evening, chances are they were ticketing outside hours - a favourite of the scum in Brixton. If you were ticketed outside restricted hours you’re onto a real winner. The press love this kind of thing, and the private companies who run the wardens are in for some major stick. Give it to 'em big. Threatening with the the European Court of Human Rights usually works as well

Good luck, and don’t pay unless absolutely necessary.

I’ll have to check it out…

I’ve got a horrible feeling that there is no such thing as ticeting ‘out of hours’, well not in Westminster anyway.

The traffic wardens there work 24/7 and if the road has double yellows then you’re stuffed - I think Frith is double yellows.

Did no one see this guy approaching and start to type away on his box and shout a warning ??

Ain’t it strange that they’ll pick on the likes of bikes parked up there and yet in my experience of many years working in the west End they seem to walk past the illegal mini cab touts double parked etc and ignore them ?!?!?!?

sorry, I think you guys took the brunt of it, being parked at the end there. after you left he went down the whole row - most bikes had plates covered, but he did get one or two more

Outside frith its a 24 hour no loading no waiting so they are just doing a job at the end of day, but at the end of the day if you see a warden why not just move and save £50 !!

Cos I never saw the warden until after the event…