Traffic this week

I’ve had to use the car a couple of times this week to cross town and it’s been taking hours… (tower bridge to Kilburn)… The whole city seems to be a disaster area…


Bloody roadworks everywhere, it’s a mess!

There was a lot of aggression from busses and taxis last night for some reason, they’ve been reasonably laid back over winter.

It’s the period in between the May Bank Hols, so everybody is at work.

Added to that, there was a crash yesterday afternoon somewhere near the north side of Tower Bridge which sodded everything up for miles around and the Limehouse Link was apparently closed for a while at the same time too.

On top of that there is a lane closed on Upper (Lower??) Thames Street for roadworks which does not help.

And there was a lane out on the Hyde Pk Corner r’bout this morning, and diesel all over the road (thanks nice Mr PC who made sure I was aware of it. Cheers), and there was a mess at the Marble Arch end of Oxfd St, so Park Lane was backed up, so basically Zone 1 was a bit burgered this morning.

not really noticed :smiley:

:crazy:lane collapsed on wandsworth bridge junction yesterday! down to onelane and it kept being passed back and forwards between thames water and roads cause they wouldnt take responsiblity

I am a conspiracy theorist :wink: - I reckon the traffic light phasing has been changed!

Lets not get back on to Red Ken and his loony left or we’ll have Toby back shouting the odds about Boris :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to agree, i notice that all the time, somehow it’s always for the worse. I never seem to recall the lights being changed to stay greener for longer.

See, I told you Boris would be a disaster… :slight_smile:



When I came to work today the whole of lower thames st was empty! I had the whole of the road to myself, thats not happened in 2 years of doing the same route :slight_smile:

Thurrock to Gatwick and back–3 hours today:crazy: