traffic police / higher presence

Tip off about some filming that Hants Police are doing for a television programme series just started for around seven weeks.

If you use the M27 or the M3 this potentially affects you so please proceed with caution and pass onto anyone who you feel might just need to know. The program a BBC South commission called “Traffic Cops” will be filmed covering the area from Ringwood concentrating on Ringwood M27 up to M3 J9 and a team working the ringroad around Southampton (Totton will have a unit
working it alone), Cosham M27 stretch to J5 of the M27 (Southampton Airport turn-off). The fourth concentration is working from Winchester Services covering M3 to J10 M3 (Winchester South) using five unmarked cars, two Black Skoda 03 registration Octavias, an 05 plate dark red Mondeo and two Volvo saloon cars.

The BBC unit are going to be based out of a unit in Millbrook Road in Southampton and will also be covering the armed police response unit and the Southampton Airport Police Security / British Transport Police team.

The BBC team are in Citreon Picasso MPVs leased from Arriva.

To make it even more effective the Traffic police have authority from Chief Constable to “work to rule” So instead of the laid back approach to the usual Hants traffic police, this will be a lot more concentrated to make it effective filming.

Please bear this in mind if you travel over these routes.

So for a few weeks if you don’t want to be on the telly keep your eyes wide open.

Thanks for the tip-of Darryl! I was under the impression they always ‘work to rule’, hrm.

Thanks for that Darryl, I travel that route a fair bit, as I have a place down in Swanage that we normally go to for the weekend.

So, who’s gonna initiate the chase then??? Bet they don’t broadcast that one… Of course I do not condone this kind of behavior. 70 mph is way to fast for me.

What, us chasing them, or the other way around Stan?

Enough of us to do both…

Now if only I had my wheels and was out of plaster - alas not. Good for the heads up though, may be taking a cage that way.