Traffic Cops on TV last night

Any one else see it on TV last night? Traffic car pulled over a 2-up L-plated scooter, fairly amusing that the 2 coppers couldnt get it started for ages until the non-biker one found the kick start. So the very well fed copper has to ride it back but in full view of the cameras plonks his helmet on but didnt even bother doing it up! Ooops. Was quite funny seeing him paddle it away though, 50cc did struggle a bit.

Too many doughnuts. . . :smiley:

I watched that and could’nt believe he didnt do up his lid…tut tut should know better!:w00t:
And the chav family visiting B+Q made me laugh gobby [email protected] …soon shut up and stopped all the bravardo once he was away from his chavvy family:D

Saw one the other night when a kid had nicked a van whilst drunk then crashed it after a police chase. My wife and I had a mini sweepstake on his sentence. I won as I said £200 fine and 200 hours community service. He got a staggering £200 fine and 300 hours community sentence. The mind boggles.

Mate got done for a stoppie the other day, 3 points and a £225 fine (obviously a hardened criminal):rolleyes:

Bonkers isn’t it… You have to love the courts… I often wonder if they don’t go easier on the ‘non-productive’ members of our society. It’s like a kind of reverse middle class guilt… the kid in the van in their eyes ‘didn’t know better’, where as your mate ‘should have known better’…

I think its wrong that a drunk driver who has caused damage to property and potential injury to others seems to get less of a sentence, fine etc than someone doing 100+ on an open Motorway while still using the lanes properly and doesn’t cut anyone up!!