Traffic cops are barstewards.

Got a fine couple of weeks ago. (FB friends will have read) Committed the heineous crime of driving with my arm out the window. Negotiated the fine down to 1000 kwacha, about 1.50 :slight_smile:


Proper chancer…

Hardly worth him licking his pencil, assuming at them rates he’d not be in the market for a proper pen

Official fine is 5k. I checked the Malawian traffic act when I got home and it really is an offense!

It is in Australia too I think

Mrs J is shocked at yer criminal tendencies. Will they deport you and when are you due back?

Should have cut your arm off

No doubt the Malawi Mail will feature you in one of its upcoming articles about bloody foreigners coming to their country, taking their jobs, blatantly flouting their laws…

7 weeks here, then officially an unemployed homeless bum. Booked on a hippy bus to Cape Town and due to fly to UK for start of Sept.

Hope Amit will have the bike warmed up and ready to go :slight_smile:

That was for the Jets. Admin, ability to edit posts would be a good technical addition.

Next to the little clock top left corner of your posts it says ‘x hours ago - Edit post’

OK so its a poorly designed small light grey font, put your glasses on and click the ‘Ediot post’ bit :wink: