Traffic chaos westbound along the embankment

Spent half an hour sat behind two officers on their bikes. There is hardly any room for manouevre with all the trucks, buses and cars although I couldn’t find any reason for the holdup. Apparently it has something to do with Bush’s visit. Avoid it like the plague. Really happy about turning up to work looking like a roast in the bag chicken!

Parliament Street, Whitehall, Horseferry Road all closed. No-one redirecting traffic and no signs.

Thats ill be the Pressi-dent of the US of A blocking of the roads on his visit to the UK>>>

Best to avoid any diversion that takes you anywhere near Northumberland Avenue as that road is a swine due to the fact the traffic lights at the Trafalgar Square end are only green for about 2 seconds, and there is that bloody great island in the middle so it’s hard to filter at the lights. In fact I would always avoid Northumberland Avenue when going in that direction, period, and any holdback there usually has knock-on effects on the Embankment, as you found out this morning.

This morning I got round the Bush/Whitehall closure by zipping from Parliament Square down an empty Birdcage Walk, then along the length of Mall and bingo, took all of about 3 minutes to get to Traf Square :cool:

I know what you mean about the lights at trafalgar square. Ridiculous. I work at Victoria so I too use the birdcage walk route, but it was getting to parliament square that was the problem. In fact, is it just me or has the traffic just got worse over the past year along the highway and embankment? I’m pretty sure my journey takes me up to 10 mins longer than it did last year. Number of trucks coming in seems to have gone up, which often hampers my filtering efforts. Might consider going back to commercial road once all the bus lanes are opened up to bikes.

The road up to Trafalgar Sq was completely empty this morning - I rode from Embankment all the way around Trafalgar Sq & up Charring Cross without getting stuck at 1 red light, 1st time thats happened in 2 years for me!