Trafalgar Square

There is some traffic light problem in Trafalgar Square - traffic is queueing all over the West end as a result. TFL are reportign that buses are takign an additional 50 minutes ot get through the area. It took Jackie half an hour to get from Waterloo Bridge to Northumberland Avenue, and that was after usign the pavement to get round the queue of buses!


went by there this morning (around 8;30) and all seemed ok… hope they fix it by the time i leave work?

why would you be looking to get a bus on this site?


Just quoting from the traffic alert - I thought it was useful info of the level of congestion given that the buses get to user bus lanes.

Anyway, the traffic on the Strand looks liek it is back to its normal snail like crawl, so alert over.

Thanks for the update Giuliano