Traditional T.T. Bushy's Burnout!

Friday night was my second to last gig of the week. It had been a hard week with majorly late nights and then early mornings for the races, so it was good to hear that Fridays gig at the Bushys Tent was an early slot so I could get it done and then enjoy the rest of the evening with mates…
Aftger a really lively 8pm set at the tent we decided that the crowd outside could do with a smile… so I jumped on me bike that was parked down the prom and headed towards the gang that were hanging over the railings directing me to the burn out spot in front of the tent… as you can see from the vid clip… I did have a slight moment of none spinning lmao I was really getting worried it wasnt gonna happen hehe…but eventually got it spinning up… quickly pulled away into a rubber fog (really hoping there wasnt a bus pulled up in it!!) and hid round the corner for a min and then came back round for another one… crowd seemed to be enjoying it so gave it a bit more and then disappeared again for a min… on my return journey for burnout number 3 I noticed the guys waving frantically and the crowd booing… and then a camera crew and finally an officer of the law flagging me down with his night stick… kinda thought I was gonna get a right ticking off but he just bought out this little red card, held it up and pointed for me to go saying “Drive away very sensibly!”… What a top bloke!!

Check out the vid!! ----->>

Get ya subwoofer turned up!!

Hey, Floyd! Are Aprilias tyres cheaper than Kawa’s? Sounds really good that bike of yours mate!

hehe… I wish they were cheap… it was the last friday of tt week and the tyre was shredded so I thought I might as well give it a good send off!

Nice one Floyd. Best way to trash a tyre. For replacements you could always get yourself some pre scrubbed race rubber. Can normally pick front and rear up for around the ton mark. Still get lots of mileage out of them.

Nice one Floyd, we must of just missed that, we were on our ferry at about 7pm, were you there around 6pm Friday, 2 x Z1000’s a Ninja and a Tuono all did the same, a couple of times

Fooking love a Bushys Burnout to get the crowds going

Wahoooo… I was just on itv… there was a programme on called “TT Cops” and basically follows this cop around for TT week… and the last scene he’s walking around the bushys tent and I could hear my band in thhe background and then he walks out into a fog of tire smoke and says to the camera crew " yes, someones just done two burnouts and showing off to the crowd so I’m gonna have to have a word…" and then you see me arrive and get pulled over for a telling off! lol… quality!!