Trades wanted. Carpenter (1st and 2nd fix), Labourer, Plasterer (mostly skimming), Plumber (non Gas), Electrician (certified)

Hurry up GP (Guy) !!!

KT3 area for a house refurb, start 19 February

Not necessarily CIS registered

Some daywork, some price work

Must have own tools. All materials supplied

Apply below or PM me !!!

my flatmate s a chippy, il give him a shout. he is currently working in Hampton court palace :crazy: but not sure when his work there is due to finish.

dont no what cis is haha but is any labourer applying wants a intern to help them give me a bell haha

CIS = construction industry scheme. It’s a tax thing.

Where is the property? How do people not part of LB get in touch with you?

If you are buying by price alone, I can’t help. If you are buying buy price and quality I can PM you some phone numbers.

I’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff on my own house refurb. but I’ve given up on the cheap guys and only work on the "job done right first time"maxim now.

So Gavin for the electrics, Spencer for the tiling, John for the plastering/rendering, Brian and Paul for the heating and plumbing, Richard for the general building stuff and me for the wood stuff and so on.

If you are price fixated, forget it. We all want a bargain but I’ve found out that you get nowt for nowt.

Is it your own place? I’m a decorator but can only work weekends now or advise if needed.

Oldguy you are completely right. I’m so sick of people that want a quality job done but don’t want to pay for it.

Good trades come at a price. Nobody seems to understand that anymore…

Not really interested in Bargains OG, I get it all done properly, but lost all my contacts since 2007/8. Many have emigrated ! The property is in Kt3 and will be our own house for a good many years.

Sent texts to “my” men this lunch time and three came back with a “No thanks” for KT3 post code. Seems it’s a distance/rotten journey from SE London. Sorry.

Was doing a charity job with a fit out sub contractor this morning and he was tapping me up for helping him out for a couple of weeks*. Seems there is plenty of work about in central London if you’ve got the rep for getting it right first time.

(* Turned him down. I’m too old for overnight jobs and hacking back for town at 08:00 in the morning, thank you.)

Thanks OG, much appreciated for your efforts

sent you a pm about a guy thats interested but no reply?

Thanks Guys n Gals for your assistance and interest. Job done, we move in tomorrow

100m2 3 bed semi + garage

started 29 Feb,

Total strip out

4m structural opening

another couple of openings

bit of studwork,


change and move some radiators,

4 new ceilings,

making good and reskim all except one room,


stripped stained and varnished floorboards almost throughout,


new kitchen and appliances,

new bathroom,

loft insulated and boarded.

and I mowed the lawn (33m x 9m )

Annnnnd relax…

Hey slipper 1, glad you got it done, does that mean you will be along on sunday, St Georges day/ Puppy memorial ride out. would be good to see ya.