trade direct or stealth products?

anyone had grief getting parts from stealth products? ordered parts from them at the excel bike show and still no parts. rang god knows how many times and they keep saying im next on the list for parts shipment delivery or some cr4p.

There’s a big ole thread about them on the ZX-9R forum.
Did you order discs ? if so, keep an eye on them because it seems they may be prone to warping.

YES !!! mind you it was a couple of years ago ,i ordered a chain and sprocket kit off them at the excel show ,spoke to the sales man and he assured me they made them for my bike , paid waited a couple of weeks for it to arrive , tried to put them on the bike only to find it was the wrong size ,phoned them up was told to send it back and they would get the right one sent , waited and waited … nothing ,phoned only to be told by the fella it was sitting on the desk in front of him waiting to be posted, fair enough…more waiting … nothing after a few more calls to them and me getting angry by this time i was told they didnt actually make them for my bike ! . A waste of time and money ,steer clear .

aaaaahhhhhhhh nuts, yeah just ordered new pads and discs, complete set. been waiting since end of jan. now getting angry

They do have a bit of a reputation for late delivery and plasticine waveys:doze: