Tracking Santa

Don’t forget to keep a track on him.

Hmmm, as NORAD is part of the US military does this mean they are going to shoot him down? :Whistling:

No they scramble figher pilots to welcome him (apparently):w00t:

They do this every year - it is all becasue of a misprinted phone number in a local newspaper in 1955 that lead to kids phoning the local Norad base asking to speak to Santa or some such. Ever since Norad has tracked Santa and given regular reports for the benefit of gullible Amercans.

the kids love it, we do it every xmas eve, they start getting excited when he gets closer to the uk :smiley:

Awww, fantastic. I remember this from last year. So cute.

Can’t wait to see what he leaves me :smiley: