Trackers......... talk to me

I have a new steed in my garage (read parked on the road) so am looking at trackers…

firstly, what sort of place will sell/fit one for me?

are they not pointless? Won’t a thief just find it and rip it out and stick it in a bin or whatever?

whats the best one for the money? budget is £300 if that gets me one fitted.

links are always a bonus


I may or may not have a tracker monitor on some or all of my bikes.:slight_smile:

It calls your phone if the bike is moved without the ignition on-works strsight away assuming you’re in a gps and vhf area.

They are discreet installs when done properly, I think it is around £350.

ok think I was being an idiot. I thought there were different names, brands etc like alarms?

Is it essentially one product sold by everyone? being the below?

seems to suggest 400 pretty much.

what bike have you got? pics please. i bet this is gonna make me jealous isn`t it. :smiley:

nah, it’s an old scruffy thing tim :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaime has one he swears by… apparently they even phoned/text him when the guys at OMC moved the bike onto the ramp :smiley:

I’m sure he’ll be around later to post but if not might be worth PMing him :slight_smile:

go to Tracker directly. They will give u a number of an installer. mine came out to me for no charge :slight_smile:

will do, and can it easily be removed from one bike and reinstalled on a new bike? I will change bikes a fair bit, not westy standards but every year probably

nope! the tracker stays with the bike! you can either pay monthy £12 or £120 for a years subscription or pay 3 year subscription that will run for life. THe tracker can improve the value of the bike on resale. It’s not easy to rip it out depending on how it was installed. mine is very hard to even get to. :cool:

Don’t advertise you got one!

on thier site direct, it says at the bottom of the buy page that if you are an existing customer and change car you only have to pay £149 for a new tracker and instillation… so a new one every bike purchase wouldnt be so bad

im looking to get one on the gix and my new bike, any one got any recommendations ?

Cheapest way to get a tracker is to buy a cheap phone top up a £10 on it and hid in your bike and charge it from your battery and join one of them websites that can track your phone for you is cheap as chips so if ya bike gets nicked go online activate phone track and see where bike is and go from there simples :slight_smile:

Go for the Tracker Monitored, the retrieve option on a bike is a waste of time IMHO.

There are other systems out there which are cheaper but the fact there are 1500 police cars across the UK fitted with the tracker location equipment swung it for me.

+1000 :smiley:

Unit works in many countries abroad too so their forces can also track the bike.

Go for the lifetime subscription if you plan to keep the bike. It used to be around £300, but it’s possibly come down now.

I asked my insurer if it would make any difference to the premium and they said No, we’re not interested in trackers.

that’s cause they know we’ll get it anyway :wink:

mine said the same thing as the bike may be recovered but will probably have loads of damage on it.

I got mine anyway though. Piece of mind :slight_smile:

Datatool have released a new product out called TrakKING. They are also working on getting the S4 alarm and this tracker into one product.

Check it TrakKING