tracker system required

I might be going mad but I’m pretty sure there was someone on here that fits tracker systems. can someone help

I am a tracker dealer, and I think CharlyB600F does them as well.

Superbike Magazine had a great article about this. What they suggested was;

  1. Purchase a cheap PAY-AS-YOU-GO phone, and car charger (not T-Mobile, hard to trace)

  2. Fit it to the bike (hide it somewhere) and the car changer onto the battery (in case the phone goes flat)

  3. Register the phone number on a website that tracks mobile phones (do a “Google” search for this) for about a £5 a month. From what I know, this is one of the cheapest methods to put a tracker on your bike…

true, but also means that your bike can only be traced to the nearest cellsite, which if it’s out of London could be massive.

Tis the cheapest way though, but not reliable

True, you only get what you pay for… pay peanuts, get monkeys!!

Are you here charly?

Was chatting to Charly at Cubana last Wed, he def fits them and is all trained up in it.

He’ll be your man.

Agreed, Charly had just done his tracker course last Wed,

I do do trackers, but mainly for cars/vans/trucks. They will fit onto bikes but Charly was here 1st

Make sure you’ve read this first dude.

Sorry to hear of your loss CharlyB600F may your grandmother R.I.P

Ill also be needing a tracker soon I can’t afford to nearly lose my baby again.

Sorry to hear about your loss Charley. I’ll wait to hear from you regarding discounts etc. Take care my friend.

A customer of ours had a tracker fitted a couple of weeks ago because someone tried to cut his Abus chain off his bike overnight. The thieves came back the following night after the tracker was fitted and stole the bike (a 06 R1 Black).

Result? Bike recovered in 3 hours and four guys nicked in possession. Sweet!

Sorry to hear the news mate. RIP!

Sorry to hear that Charlie… my sentiments