Trackdays guaranteed dry, warm and sunny - step this way !

Is anybody intrested in a foreign track day ? There are several companies offering 3 day breaks in Spain or southern France. Seems to be approx £500 for THREE days on track plus your bike crated up and shipped to/from circuit with insurance.The attraction is guaranteed sun, it’s warm, you stay near the circuit between days so no rushng off to beat the traffic, chance to indulge in some interesting food and no doubt drink too, probably good for a partner too, more to do and see than at the usual UK track day, plus it’s dry, warm and sunny ! :stuck_out_tongue:

One example is here: , flights are £20 each way and car hire over there is £40 for 4 days. Hotel is a 10 min drive from circuit. Single rooms are available for a small supplement.

Their track days are run on the same basis as UK track days, same principles regarding overtaking etc, three groups, 20 mins sessions.

I’m going to have a chat with No Limits too but I’m definately going to book one in the next few days, sounds like perfection ! :slight_smile: If there are 3 or 4 people booking together there is additional discount plus car sharing etc.

Anybody got experience of these either personally or via a mate ? Would like to know if they turned out as well as they sound.

I wonder if I could convince Mrs Kill… :unsure:

Sounds really cool, although not until next year I think, funds not allowing any such extravagance…

There are plenty of good deals going to Spain over the winter. Most require you to get your bike to somewhere, it is then shipped out and you meet it at the other end. Get a flight out and normally stay at a hotel near the track. Your bike is then shipped back to the UK for you to collect. The driving down bit is a long haul, but has the advantage of letting you take spares etc if you want.

hum…very tempting indeed, when are you thinking of doing this?

12th to 14th Nov, 6 weeks time, just when the UK will be descending into the gloom and doom of a snap election, the nights are drawing in so we’ll be going to work and coming home in the dark, the roads are getting slimey and the shops have their cheap tinsel in the windows . . . we could be relaxing in 20+ degree warmth, the sun shining overhead, a waitress bringing another iced orange juice after we’ve spanked the bikes round a perfectly dry track all day in the sun . . . :slight_smile:

sounds to me like ur just a big wuss! :w00t:

If wuss means I don’t like riding in the doom, gloom and pissing rain, instead preferring a dry track and a bit of sun then yep, maybe I am :stuck_out_tongue: Happy to ride in the winter but why spend good money on a wet track day when for not much more I can have a few days in the sun, three days of track time and chill out at the same time ? :wink:

Has anyone ever told you, you can be a miserable sod at times?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…Not much more than 1 day at Brands GP (probably in the pissing rain :smiley: )Friday / Sunday 7th / 9th March Nogaro£299.003 days on circuit
2 groups

Bike transport & hotel accommodation
can be arranged

And look at the circuit :w00t:,-95.677068&sspn=51.576045,81.738281&ie=UTF8&ll=43.769591,-0.038817&spn=0.01159,0.019956&t=h&z=16&om=1



im gonna save me pennys for andyp69’s run to the ring…but good effort slarty…hope you make it there and have loads of fun…

and afro…that starait has ur name written all over it!!!:wink:


Any of these for under £500 are fantastic value slarty, I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed. Hottrax have a very good reputation.

A friend of mine was instructing for Hottrax in Almeria earlier in the year and said he had a great time, some of the best tracktime he’d had. If I remember correctly the cost then would have been £799 for the same 3 day package.

On the 3rd day it was an open pitlane and quite laid back with more and more riders sitting it out to relax and rest those aching muscles, so plenty of space on track to enjoy yourself or fine tune anything in particular.

You’ll be exhausted but I’m sure grinning from ear to ear. Go for it mate!:slight_smile:

Thanks Brian, I’m pretty sure I’m going to book the Hottrax event, it’s £550 inc three days on track, bike transport and the hotel for 4 nights, only need to add two £20 Ryan Air flights and getting bike to/from their collection point then it’s just petrol and food same as any other track day or weekend break.

I love the sound of this - would be even better to stay for a week or 2 and have a proper holiday with a few track days thrown in for good measure :cool:

You can do that if you want, Hottrax arrange the hotel but they can extend it if you want. Your bike is already there :slight_smile:

You do realise that you will be without your bike for several weeks.Last year Hottax used a shipping company in cirencester, they wanted the bikes a week before the event and they dont get it back to the UK until a week after the event. generally you re crate the bike for return to the UK the day after the last day of the track day in spain.

Deffo good value though I shall be planning a February trip to spain soon :slight_smile:

Last year at Cartagena was a hoot.


You could drive bike down - that way get your week’s hol, no delay at each end with shipping firm, and choose your own hotels and pay for track seperately - finding out that track days aren’t as expensive in spain too!

(I know that could be expensive on ferry and petrol, tyres etc)

Not got enough cash to justify - but would love to.

Sherrie, Eric and anyone else interested…Shall we organise a trackday / Spanish holiday for next year then…I’d love to do this especially as my attempts to get to Spain failed so miserably this year.

I’m at Jerez at the end of this month and Cartegena in Dec.

Just a warning about Nogara - it’s nowhere near as warm as the spanish tracks - and in March you won’t be sure of dry weather.