Not sure if anybody is interested in doing a track day on march 2nd. If there is some interest you can get the details from motorsportvision. The price of the day is £65.00 & there is a novice, intermediate & advance sesions. The track day is at snetterton.

Sounds good dude…Post in the trackday section for a better response.

65- thats cheaP! where do i book???

Whereabouts in London do you live Thanutz…May be tempted with this one as Snett is less than 100 miles from my door.

My first trackday was done there…Awesome track.

i live near m25 j26 so it wouldnt be to far for me to go, and for 65 quid id be silly not to! I thinks its about 100 from me…where are u based?

you can book the track day through motorsportvision which is the site for brands hatch. I live in chelmsford and a friend from near ipswitch is doing it with me. it,s my first one so will be in the novice class. Any tips only i,m going to be doing it on my r1. ???

hey excellent stuff, was waiting for something like this to come up?
i have only been riding a year and have been wondering about track days etc?
where do i book

book through

mate sorry to be a pest but that site takes me somewhere weird can u post the exact link…only been on one track day myself, my advice is to listen to what the instructors got to say, make sure ure bike is in good nick and enjoy ureself!

Here’s the link

I’m in south London and very interested…Hmmm

Does anyone know what if any changes have been made to Snett?

There was some diggers etc on-site before xmas.

No changes to the track, some additional banking created for crowds.

Just in case anyone actually gives a…hoot, I’m doing Brands this Sunday (21st).

If its dry I take my ol’Duke, wet I take the motard. I have upped the gearing on the motard this time. I was outa revs b4 I was 1/2way up the start/finish straight last time out

Yo sneaky, how ya doing fella? Did you join here following our ride out to burnham???

(AB from eamg)

Realised that you have been a member a while mate, you didnt say anything when you saw londonbikers on my bike.

Enjoy your track day this sat… fingers crossed it doesnt rain.

86.5 miles door to door… hmm this is vert tempting…will have to check my calender :slight_smile:

Ohh my brand new bike gets delivered on 1st March… the 2nd will be a bit too soon, I shall have to resist, I won’t be taking that on the track for some considerable time



Ps, we’ll have to put a ride together where we aint gotta worry’bout the EAMG image. Chris thought they’d be ok about my ratty ol’XR… I dont think that they were Nor the noise it makes

Only one person said owt about my “progress” through the lanes… But that was on the way out to Burnham, I turned the wick up a tad on the way back… I bet there was some muttering that evening!

You serious? I thought that image thing was well in the past, besides, I dont think anyone there could actually have kept up with you, I know I couldnt. Having said that I didnt try, was too busy trying to keep up right.

As for mixed ride outs mate, check out the ride and meets section. There are about 50 bikes going to france on 17 March, a mixture of LB and TLB. If you think your duke can last the distance, come along!

Oh, thanks for the nod out in ongar last week.

Sneaky what were you riding today, I was there with hubby riding in Grp 3… lovely weather, though a tad chilly for moi.