Trackday taster march 08th

Just booked my first trackday taster with clubMSV at Brans.
08/03/2011 … £20 for 20 mins… Happy days…

Cancel it now before you become addicted. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, it sounds like a good idea but TBH on my first trackday nerves/learning the track/learning the limits took a good 3 sessions, I only started slightly enjoying it towards lunchtime. I think if I’d been given one session only I would have decided I hated track days and would never do one again!

Feel free to ignore this and have a great time either way, but I would recommend upgrading to at least an evening IIWY.

TBH Its just an excuse to get out and ride. Won’t be taking it too seriously , if I’m not so fast it’s not a problem. I’ll do a couple of these and plan on doing at least 3-4 full days when the weather is better…

tempted. I live 5mins away…

Hmmm tempted too…

can you just pay 20 notes for each session or do you get just one 20 min block at a pre-determined time?

As far as I understand you pre pay/book £20. Then you have your slot of one 20min session. I may go for a nice blast into Kent(weather permiting) then get there nice and early to see what’s what. Would be great if anyone else fancies it. At least this way if I wake up on the day and it’s too bad outside I’ll only loose a score if I don’t go. Would be good to see some faces

you not doing Silverstone on 12th then ? :slight_smile:

I’m having to ignore these posts :smiley:

TDs are very addictive, then expensive, then its a van and trackbike, then not going to work anymore, then… :slight_smile:

Have fun.

if its focused events or MSV they put all the people on the taster session on at lunch time i believe.

It not to bad Alex as they are all people who have not done TD before, the only downside i suppose is you get all different levels of rider a bit like the “slow” group on a normal track day.

I’m defo up for the full day with you guys, but need to get this week out of the way before I know for sure I can do it. If it gets fully booked before I manage to book I’ll still pop along for the ride and watch how the “BIG BOYS” do it. Will any of you be doing the borough Market thingy on a Wednesday?

whats the betting Im the slowest round Silverstone ? :D:D

quick in straightline sh!te in the corners :w00t::w00t:

So far ten people have booked silverstone, I’m guessing there will be space for another 10-15 riders. I’ll watch this space to see how quickly I fills up

If it’s anything like a normal trackday, expect up to 40 people per group, so maybe 100 bikes?