Trackday Preparation at OMC.

If you are planning to do a trackday or a track training session then, for piece of mind, you should perhaps consider preparing your bike at the OMC.

In a very short space of time you can check the following;
Engine oil and coolant levels are correct.
Chain and sprockets are fit for purpose and adjusted correctly.
Brake pads have enough meat on them and callipers work properly.
Clutch and throttle cables have right amount of free play.
Tyres are in good condition, correctly pressured and there are no unpleasant surprises buried in the rubber.
All pivot points are lubricated and footrests are secure.

I can highly recommend doing this after turning up at OMC the day before a Brands Track Day to realise that I had almost no oil left in my bike at all, pretty sure that had I not gone to OMC that day my bike would have blown up on track.

Yes yes, I know you should routinely, but when you don’t have a centre stand it is pretty hard to check on your own.

A good idea indeed! Especially if you’re not mechanically minded then these checks are a must track or road. They don’t take long to do either.