Trackday place up for grabs, 29th of April.

Due to changes at work I can no longer make the Londonbikers trackday on the 29th of April,so I have a novice place up for grabs.

Spoke to MSV today and they are happy to cancel and re book from their waiting list, however I thought I’d offer it to a London biker first.

All you need to do is drop me a reply, drop me 145 quid cash, I’ll give you my booking confirmation with written authorisation for you to take the session from me.

At the morning registration you just present my docs with your licence etc and happy days for you, I have checked with Nick Rice at MSV and they are fine with swapping riders before the day.

First person with the cash gets the trackday, let me know asap otherwise I’ll have to let MSV sell it on.

:angry::angry:, not to worry I’ve booked another trackday in June.:D:D

ill take that slot. I know someone on LB that wont read this until to late and he wants to go :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll take it. Just PM me with and I’ll sort out payment asap. Thanks.

Thanks for the nod, Dave.

(Yikes, I’d better install those crash bungs!)