Trackday No 2 report (Brands)

Hot and sunny but a nice breeze so felt quite cool.

The first thing that struck me was how many more people there were attending compared with the MSV day i did at Snetterton and to be honest i found it quite hard to get any sort of rhythm going in the 1st session, so this was used for track knowledge which was probably a good thing.

The next six sessions were fine and as the day wore on i took some advice from the instructors which i can honestly say made me faster and most importantly smoother.

There were a few red flags in the morning sessions but they were dealt with swiftly and within a few minutes we were back on track, all in all a cracking day and i’m still buzzing now.

When i did my first day last week i set myself a few goals, nothing major, just simply to look, listen, learn and most of all to enjoy it. Well i’ve still got alot to learn but my god have i enjoyed it.

So, if anyone out there is thinking should i shouldn’t i, get out there and BLOODY do it. You won’t believe what you have been missing.

One last thing, i would like to mention that over the last couple of weeks whilst searching for days to do i’ve read some bad things about Focused events and the way they treat customers, well i know i’ve only done this one day but all i can do is praise them, from Kevin to the tyre guys they were spot on. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sorry for waffling but give credit where credits due.



Brands 05.JPG

Brands 04.JPG

Lookin’ sharp there dude

Good pics fella, the R1 looks good. Brands is a grear circuit. Focused Events are our trackday partner…

It looks like you made the most of it out there and to come away smiling and more confident is great.
Grab as much advice as you can from the instructors and gradually build on what you learn.
The learning will never end but neither does the fun of it.
See you out there!

Well done mate, glad you enjoyed it. I went down last night to watch a friend and give him some advice. Again, full credit to fucussed for a well run track evening. Think that there were only 2 offs all evening.

Fantastic mate I’ve done 3 now and lovin it more with every one YOU WILL TOO!!!

Focused are spot on in my books, they looked after me very well at Cadwell and I was being high maintenance Looking to do a euro one Oct/Nov with them already now

Thing is I have learnt about trackdays is take your progression slowly, don’t get too over excited… or you’ll end up having an embarrassing bleeding nose while pulling into the pits