Trackday Companies

Are there any big differences between all these companies that run track days? Are there any that should be avoided? Any you recommend over others?

I used to not be keen on Focused Events as I previously thought they crammed too many people on track but I did Cadwell with them last week and it was well organised and everyone was really helpful. It was pissing with rain though so it probably wasnt particularly busy but I wouldnt have any issues doing another trackday with them
Plus to be honest, I am limited by free time at the moment so I cant really be fussy.

some companies they put cones at breaking point, leaning point and apex on the corner, some doesnt

Focused are good, but very popular, as a rule avoid weekends at the bigger tracks (silverstone as an example) and big holidays like bank holidays. They have a very good safety record though. I have also used others like NO Limits who are a little more laid back, Hottrax and Club MSV i have used a couple of times. Club MSV own a few of the circuits so you can get some really go deals.


There are some others if you look around and also a good source for info other than the always helpful LB members is Focused events trips abroad are generally VERY good value indeed. Last year in may i went to Le-mans for 3 days on track and there was only 35 of us there!! UNREAL!!

Hope this helps, any other questions just ask.

Which is odd cause I have always found ClubMSV to be the most expensive. I have used Focused and No limits quite often and I like both of them. Hottrax is now out of business btw.

Just to give a quick comparison of the main three.

Focused Events Snetterton 300 29/5/2012 - £95
No Limits Snetterton 300 22/5/2012 - £75
ClubMSV Snetterton 300 21/5/2012 - £99

Not quite sure how ClubMSV can justify being £24 more expensive than No Limits, the day after, that is Monday and Tuesday, neither are a bank holiday. No justification for being that much more expensive.

maybe it’s changed while i was away, shame about hottrax BTW, the more operators the more it brings the price down!!