Trackday and bike testride

Hi guys,

Do you know anybody who offers trackdays for people who don’t take their own bikes to the track? I mean a trackday with bikes which can be used.

Maybe the manufacturers organize events to get new customers to experience their bikes and maybe buy one in the future.

I know in Germany and Austria are events like this. With streetbikes and SuMo (different event of course).

YOu can hire bikes at any of the focused events track days, they have R6’s and cost about £200 for the day…and I think there are hire companies outside of any trackday that you can hire bikes from.

MSV do a ducati day where you can go along on a normal trackday but take out a bunch of ducati loverlies…848/1098 etc…

Pat is a real gent and the bikes CBR600’s are track prepared.

Goes to most MSV days, but check his dates.

Look at the trackday news as well:

Or if you fancy the Kawasaki approach and less money than patracking, you can always try Martin at Ladysnoots.

Doesn’t the Ron Haslam race school do it on their CBRs?