Trackday 3 - Cadwell

Thinking back now it is mostly a blur now, I should’ve written this as soon as I got back but I was way too tired.

Here are the bits I remember…

It was hot and sunny I didn’t intend to go out on the track as I was only there to watch Andrew and his fellow 675 riders. After Mallory it seemed a shame to go home but once I was there and saw the first sighting laps gong out I JUST HAD TO BOOK!!! I’d missed the first novice session so got a reduced price or the rest of the day

Tyres - I was running 46psi on the rear cold This were reduced to 30 after I approched the tyre man from Focused. I’d done this track before (my first) and was feeling like I may ride a bit harder so wanted them checked… thank god I did!!! I was a bit nervous after riding to our pitch i could feel the difference straight away but was assured that once warmed up they would feel great.

I almost managed to blag a vid of myself (front and rear shots) but the instructor that was going to tape it didn’t get his bike ready in time after a spill Maybe next time.

I’d had instruction again on my second session again and was told “your not scared are you? Your quick and smooth and I’m impressed. Your lines are good but Carla, you MUST start shifting your arse off the seat, your getting a bit low and I don’t think you can go any lower safely”

On the way to Cadwell from Mallory I was thinking “Nice roads but an animal could run out in front of me… this wouldn’t happen on a track” SILLY ME!!! Just after the hairpin on the double apex right hander before the start finish straight a bloody squirral ran across the track!!! I shat myself!!!

There had been about 8 offs by lunch time and we all got another briefing on the grid… bit of a telling off. I took this in especially as 2 of the 675 gang had crashed and their days were over

I kept my ****** jacket (hi-viz) on for most of the day to let people know I was a proper novice still and so they’d stay out of my way and I’d have a good day. After seeing some photos in the afternoon I took it off and started working on what the instructor had told me… shifting my wide load. Tell you what, it felt loads better but i think I could’ve done with doing it a bit earlier into bends. I didn’t shift at all for the chicane, it was just to hard to do it that quick. I went back at 5 to look at my latest photos which I was sure would look the dogs dangly bits but his finished taking them at 3pm which was before I started working on my shifting… GUTTED.

But what a fantastic and very informative day… My best yet. I learnt loads, felt I had progressed more than enough for only my 3rd time out and next… 4 day track day in Almeria hopefully

Another nice little write up. The instructor is right, you will need to shift your butt about to help stability and go faster. You are learning fast though. Good luck with the next outing.