Trackday 14th August Donington GP circuit

Donington Park GP circuit 14th August, not many spaces left but i’ll be there with Focused Events instructing.

It’s the best track in the country (imo) and i’ll be on hand to LBers for any help, advice and tracktime…time permitting.

I’m booked! Can’t wait! Love this circuit! Seven places left now, so please, hurry up everyone. You simply can’t miss this, it’ll be a blinder, I’m sure!

You guys driving your bikes up there in the morning or going day before?

Cool Jay, it’s been a while since i’ve seen you out on track, we’ll have a blast and make up for it

M-Daytona, definitely going up the night before, it’ll mean 3hrs more kip. Well worth considering as the trackdays are tiring and then there’s the ride home.

Hello! I’m going to join you on this one. I saw it’s quite a long way, so I’m going to drive up on Monday evening after work and sleep somewhere around there, do you know any good, cheap and comfortable place?

Ok, time to practice a bit the track on the PS2 now…

trying to see if i can get the time off. someone else has hol booked that day…

what game has Donny on it?

Hello, hope you can make it as well! I actually was thinking to do Brands on 30/7 but I got to change the chain and sprockets to the bike and that date is a bit too close to when I’ll get it changed.

The PS2 game I got that has Donny on it (but even Silverstone and Brands) is: SBK 07 ( .

Hi Francesco, not sure where we’re staying yet but will keep you posted. There was a place in Melbourne just round the corner from the track, really good place, just trying to find the address.

Hope you can make it JB! I’m not too clued up on the games but they’re a good way of learning the track. The only thing they can’t do justice to is the steepness of the famous Craner Curves, but the good thing is that you’ll get to do it for real if you go.

Coming to think of it, i have a Ron Haslam DVD of the track with onboard footage of Ron Haslam in the wet and dry if anyone wants to borrow it.

B, will there be a beginners group? I’ll only have one track day under my belt by then.

Will you guys be heading out there together or separately? I’d like to tag along with another rider if possible.

Also, please keep me posted on accommodation as well.


BOOKED!!! (inters)

i’ll head up there the night before too. might see if any of the peeps with trailers are heading up.

if i’m riding you can head up with me m’dear.

Sure, there will be 3 groups:novice, intermediate and advanced. For many riders in the novice group it will be their first time on a race track and if you’re a bit apprehensive you won’t be alone.

After a few sessions you’re confidence will grow, you’ll find yourself relaxing more and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

B, yes please keep me posted as well about accomodation.

M-Daytona, JB I’m happy to drive up together as well (although it would be good to find somebody with a trailer!).

Booked Inters…Bring it

Jonny I play MotoGP on Xbox (think its on PS2 aswell) to learn Donington…My third time going now so have a pretty good idea of the circuit.

I’m gonna be riding up from work on Monday evening and will stay in a cheap B&B.

awesome! well excited, wanted to do this track for ages, doing with a good bunch is even better

Jonesy gave me the tip on the travel lodge nearby. ranges on time of booking price wise but looking at between 26 and 39 quid for the night which seems pretty decent?


Cheers sweetie that would be great don’t fancy riding there on my own!

would be great to have trailer though

So, it’s just accommodation to be sorted now, is everyone staying at the same place? if so where?

going to book just going to see if the other want to come along if not i will come alone ,all by myself just little old me ! what group you in jay , i want to see you fall of again

Mate, it’s Eugene.

Was great to meet you and the guys at Cadwell yesterday…You lot missed out though cos the sun came out just after you left

Be good to see you and the 10R at Donington…Lets hope for good dry weather.

Take care mate.

Yes mate

Plus it’s full GP circuit…A lot of people don’t like the Melbourne Hairpin and Goddards, the two last corners of the track, but I think they’re a great challenge.

Will look into the Travelodge…Cheers for the tip…Should be going up with the girlfriend so I can shove some stuff in her car.

JB, why note advanced mate?

its either lack or skill or lack of balls. probably both…