Track Painted Rumble Strips

Or what ever the hell you call it, the painted edges that mostly appear on the apex. Is it safe to ride on?

I have avoided them like the plague on my track days unless I am straight up, mainly because of my experience on painted lines on regular roads, they are slippery as hell. But I have been watching a few MotorGP races an the riders don’t mind them at all, full tilt or straight up. So I started doing a bit of research and found that they are done with a special paint, which means that they are not slippery as you would think and perfectly fine to ride over even at lean.

For those that frequent the track, what has been your experience of them? are they fair game like the rest of the track or do you apply a bit of caution also.

Not that I’m an expert but I think it depends on the track or even the corner of they are rideable or not. Probably best to ask a instructor on the day which ones you can abuse :grin:
Definitely stay off when wet.

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One of the Cally Superbike drills that I’ve done was to deliberately ride over the rumble strip thingies to get over the irrational fear of them. And if that’s what they were teaching, then I ain’t going to argue that they’re unsafe to ride over. But if you’re hitting your apexes, then you shouldn’t really need to be going over them.

Edit - not that I’m overly acquainted with clipping an apex…


I was at Silverstone in the wet and an R1 hit one on the exit of a corner…

He majorly fucked off down the road on his head.
As such I stay well clear unless upright and in the dry… twas not funny to see…

Poor bloke was OK in the end. His R1 not so much.


Yeah that is what I am afraid of, also not a bad shout to ask one of the instructors. But what I don’t get is why they hell put that in the first place if it is such a risk. Surely there are safer materials they can use to mark the apex.