Track fairings!!

Does any one have suggestions on where best to get race fairings from for a 2008 R6 and also any good cheap sprayers?

Try A16Road & Race :smiley:
01507 480455

fairings: good if a little pricey:

design & paint: excellent quality and value for money:

design, paint & stickers:

cheers! will take a look!

where did you get yours from in the end mate ? i wana get some new race fairings !

I’ve decided to get them from Demon Tweaks today, because of the new launch of their website you get 10% off, so picking up a full set for my 2008/9 R6 including seat unit from King Carbon (which seems to be a very good brand) for £345.00 including free delivery.
just need to get a quote for the paint job! from some of the site above! I was a little cheeky thought as I mass emailed lots of brands for free decals and stickers! Got quite a good reponse so far including A*, K&N and Two Brothers…good idea if you want some feebies!!