track days

Hi All
Ive jus got the bug for track days
anyone here do them if so whats the guff , im doing them in NZ which is quite loose
when the weather gets better im all up for renting a van and going for a day somewhere
hows the rules and regs etc , be really keen to know as I’ve descovered it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on


hehe yeah there are a fair few of us that do trackdays here in the UK. Are you doing them exclusively in NZ or are you coming back here?

I can imagine that maybe the regulations/feel of the trackdays are different over there than here.

We do have a number of cracking tracks in the UK, Brands, cadwell, donnington, silverstone (if you like it fast) and the new snetterton track looks great, although I have not done it myself yet…

This forum should be getting more busy when the weather warms up :slight_smile:

Yeah Im on holiday over here will be back late march

What bike have you got over here? Or are you looking to splash out on a trackday special?

Some tracks normally require an overnight stay (depending where you live of course!) just because it is an early start, normally 7:45am to get a garage/book in/noise test and then briefing around 8:30am, first group on track for 9am. Most days have 3 groups, and each group has 20 mins on track, with an hour for lunch, about 7 sessions in all.

There are some novice only track days, but most normal day novice groups are OK.

Best bet is if you book up a day, then post it here and normally someone else will either be on it, or might get tempted…

looking at snett 300 early March, Brands GP early April if anyone is keen

so theres noise restrictions ?
thinkin of using my 955 daytona but it may be a bit loud but gonna keep my eye out for a track 675 daytona

The noise restrictions depend on the track and the time, most are 105db but others are 101db. 105db is very loud, and a full race exhaust system will up there, but given that most of the bikes in the fast group have these, not over.

A aftermarket slip-on even without the baffle is under 105 most of the time. 101db’s is a little more difficult, normally a baffle required.

Don’t think you can do that baffle for the noise test then take baffle out trick. They have track monitors and also write on your sticker whether you have a baffle or not.

I did Brands on Saturday. I can’t wait to do my next one.

Anyone else want to do a beginners track day at Brands Hatch let me know…

cheers for the replies
Im still riding in NZ till april but when Im back ill try and get the ball rolling

Bit of a bump, but I just got my Bike club e-mail from work and they’re doing Brands Indy on Wed 27th July. It would only be £80 through work, which sounds pretty good! I would have to get me some leathers sorted though…

Now I have a bike for it, I’m really rather tempted to go for it :slight_smile: (Never done a track day before :blush: )

I think someone told me they would likely be changing so you need one piece leathers (zip together wouldn’t do). Does anyone know if this is true? If so, I should buy one piece now I guess.

Go for it, 80 for a July track day is a bargain!

In terms of leathers, get a one piece off Ebay, they are dirt cheap and lot have hardly been used, just check the sizes and see what you get. One pieces do feel a lot better than 2 piece, but that is just personal :slight_smile: