Track Days....

Well I’ve booked my first ever track day… at Pembrey in August! So I’ve given myself a 5 hour ride there and a 5 hour ride home. Go on Friday early morning, get there early afternoon and relax and set up my tent. Ride on the Saturday, BBQ that evening and lots to drink. Then ride home on the Sunday! Better have good weather as I’m going to go in my leathers and they leak!

Just need to get the bits sorted for the ride, a few small spares and small toolkit, gaffer tape, cable ties, clutch cable and brake pads. Should do the trick.

And remember not to bin your bike while at the track, or it’s a long walk home!

Change the pads before you go then no need to take them or the tools to do it

Rent a van… I’ll explain why in person! :wink:

listen to the voice of experience makman. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Might be going with van if things work out. I’ve got a friend who has one and I can load and drive. Makes sense, also gives me somewhere to sleep as well… perhaps!

Why not try a track closer to home?

As I am going to be with a group of people I know and it is an organised event. More fun all round!

That isn’t the reason for the van, but is added benefit! :slight_smile: