Track days / insurance...

Hi all

Just wondering…I have TPFT insurance and it specifically DOES NOT cover track days etc.

So…do the tracks offer some kind of cover / is this included in the price just in the event for example that my bike were to go flying off the track and into a fuel tanker which subsequently burst into flames and burnt down a building etc etc… Possibly a bit of an extreme example but hope you get where I’m coming from!?

Also the fact that the insurance does not cover track days - does that mean I’m an uninsured driver in the legal sense i.e. subject to prosecution? I guess as its a private track it doesnt matter?



No and yes.

Track day insurance is high. I was quoted double my yearly insurance for one day…:w00t:

This…I believe is another reason most riders cover/remove number plates when on track, as insurance
companies have been known to venture down to check any accidents.

Also, I have heard that a lot of insurers/breakdown services will not cover you within a mile of a track/circuit on an ‘event’ day. Can’t say I am suprised…did a trackday at Oulton park years ago
and one of the guys stacked his bike, got it taken outside the circuit and chucked it in a ditch, breakdown service took him home and insurance paid up as well.

I think it is basically down to what chance you want to take with your P&J on track…