Track day tyres?

I’m looking for some advice on what are the best road legal track tyres?

I do most of my riding on track with the odd sunny day out on the road when I get time.

I’m currently using Michelin 2CTs but wanted to try something a bit more track focussed but still road legal. They don’t need to be great wet weather tyres as I have a second set of rims with wets to use on wet track days.



Which bike is it? MV? I usually use Pirelli Diablo Corsas.

This isnt a bad deal:

Just got to worry about fitting fees (usually about £10 a tyre, hopefully less)…

scrub my last - much better deal:

There are a few racers on here who would be happy to sell you a pair of scrubs:)

Blimey PUFF, that’s a deal an’ a 'alf.



Dunno what Seb runs actually…

Suggest you could PM Seb#43 dude if you want to go that way - chicken strips not an option :w00t:

Hello Dudette !! Supercorsa Pro’s are road legal :stuck_out_tongue: Seb had some for sale as did several other people here and on other sites. I’ve just put a new set on my track bike and they seem fine, more grip than the 2CT’s but at my level that’s not really an issue yet :Whistling: Certainly feel planted and give plenty of confidence unlike the BT015’s I had on my road bike.

Seb’s scrubs:

K1/2 refers to compound by the way: K1 is supersoft and K2 is soft - the softer you go, the more grip on track, but the faster the wear. Often the combo is a slightly harder tyre on the front for more direction and softer on the rear.

Translated into Pirelli, SC1 is Soft, SC2 is medium soft. You can also get SC0 which is supersoft. I run an SC1 front and SC2 rear on my SV.

To quote a mate of mine:

The problem with Racetecs Supercorsas, D209GPs, B002s etc is that are a road legal track tyre rather than a road tyre that can be used on the track like Diablo Corsa’s, Pilot Power 2CTs etc. They are not as heavy duty as normal road tyres and this can lead to easier punctures. The biggest problems are that they are only ment to go through a certain number of heat cycles, they need to be up to their small working temperature range to grip properly and they are not good in the rain. I love my Racetecs on the track using tyre warmers but would not use them on the road - IMHO its horses for courses

The PDCs are really good in the wet too - even on track :w00t:

and yer point!? :hehe:

Yeah baby ! ;):stuck_out_tongue: We know that :cool:

Mine are SC1/SC2 and they rock dudette ;):slight_smile:

Seriously, they seem to be fine tyres but they are soft, even in the rain the rubber was rolling off them. Apparantly one good day in the fast group and they’re done for, so they might last me 2 or 3 track days :hehe:

Somebody else with a litre bike said they move around too much for him, the sidewall is very soft but for my 750 with my speeds they were great.

I might get SC2/SC3 next time just to see what the difference is.

one day in the fast group!? moving around too much!?

hmmmm. you need to spend less time on track days with Vale, dude. giving you a wierd perspective x

In truth its all bollo(s anyway

If Elad can get his knee down in torrential rain at Brands on BT014’s then any old sh!t will do;):D:D

yeah - Elad’s special tho :w00t::hehe::cool:runs and hides

Who’s Vale ? The chap who said that about the pro’s moving around is somebody who’s opinion I rate, not one of the regular posters, doubt you know him. They were fine for me, no problem at all but the suspension chap at Cadwell said they will wear out real fast, even one hard td in fast group will finish them. Not a problem for me :cool: If they last 2 or 3 td’s that’s fine, hoping they retain the feel at Silverstone next week.

All depends, the BT015’s I had on the ZX6 were horrible compared to the 2CT’s or the Supercorsa’s on the 750, for somebody like me they will be faster because they give more confidence, less sliding, the BT015’s will be slower and far less fun.Anyway, I thought Ian had 2CT’s ? ;)But I agree, if you’re looking at lap times a couple of the magazines have tested a range of tyres and there’s not a lot between them, a few seconds a lap or so, but that’s with a rider who’s on top of his game, not the average track dayer :w00t::wink:


no offence mate, ive only been through over 100 sets of pirellis and racetecs on the road and track. Ill defer to your judgement on it, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not on his Ninja

Easy girl, not my opinion, just people I think probably know what they’re talking about, not that you don’t by the way :wink:

No worries dude.

Hank - hope you found what you were looking for :slight_smile:

The problem I’m currently having with the 2CTs is that they’re slow to build temperature in the first few laps. I’m trying to push hard enough at the beginning of each session to generate the heat in the tyre but they’re moving around too much for my liking so end up backing right off for a couple of laps while everyone goes past me. I feel like I’m then being really over cautious so taking even longer for the tyre to reach temperature. Once they’re up to temperature they’re fine.

I suppose what I really need to do is get some tyre warmers.