Track day riders

Jamie in action at a wet n windy Donington Park

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Kewl photo :slight_smile:

That picture doesn’t do the lad justice IMO

That was gixer junkies trackday at donny, it was nasty! blowing a gale and pisssing it down.

jamie was out on the cbr (lustys crash one) on dunlops, he was going slower than a slow thing on go slow day :slight_smile: we all were!!

it dryed in the last session and he got on His gixer and was flying.

i hope they open donny soon :frowning:

Yes, it looks like a tarmac contaminated swimming pool.

I watched the boy wonder at Brands in the rain (on wets) and I was very impressed with his riding.

Here’s one of you Pete :smiley:

It looks like I popped out for a pint of milk and 20 B&H on the orange shopping bike and suddenly found myself on a race track!

If that was the August one I was in fact going like the clappers.

(Up for the March Lydden Hill date?)

Yep, they were taken during the August one, one of these one’s shows ur BENT REAR :w00t:

(exhaust pipe that is) This year me and one of my brothers want to do Cadwell and Oulton Park but I also want to do Lydden again as well :smiley: Get’s a bit addictive this track day lark :hehe:


The pin-up tagline gives me an idea. I wonder if our female members would like to see an LB pin-up special of the members???

A couple of me at Brands last year, my first ever track day :smiley:


As this has turned into a Trackday picture post I must throw these in.

This is my son on his first Trackday at Brands hatch in the wet (on my bike). :smiley:


Now, this day was a bit damp!

Great pic Mike that’s one of my favorite tracks. I have not done it in the wet yet maybe this year. :smiley:

god im starting to crave the race track big time now

OK, I’ve messed up here - I thought it was your lad in the first post, and that was why I was saying how good I thought he was when I saw him ride!

Yep, know the feeling - hands up who can’t wait for the sun…

Me,me,me. I get all excited at the thought of another track day, look see;




Yup that’s me on the old shitter.