Track day Junkie is on the A74 m

Still says he’s in b’ham!! but obviously not for everyone else!!

It’s ok now, he went from b’ham to just outside of inverness in a matter of seconds lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Click the link at the bottom of Ang’s sig then when you get to this bit:

Adjustments History: 2 HOURS 4 HOURS 8 HOURS 16 HOURS 1 DAYS 2 DAYS 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS 6 DAYS 1 WEEKS ALL % Fill: ALL 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 5

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Press the “Go” tab and it will catch him:D

He phoned on his way to Inverness… The next part has got to take him ermmm 5 hours :wink: (JS will know what I mean) :smiley:


blimey he will be sitting down to dinner soon

I think he is ‘nearly’ :wink: there. We’ve just been doing some maths on the phone :smiley:

he’s at JoG :smiley:

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Wow, thats making progress. :wink:

You will be tired when you read this, Mark, so I will keep it brief:Congratulations for safely completing the first leg; I hope the rest goes as smoothly, and the weather gods are kind to you;It’s great that you’ve raised more than your target by a decent margin; many congratulations for that;I’m looking forward to seeing the video of the “best bits” - that will need quite a lot of editing lol.I’m very jealous as I want to be doing what you’re doing but possibly not in such a short space of time :w00t:I will try to be in your welcoming committee at the Ace on 20/6, but that depends on what my gf wants to do, it’s her birthday :hehe:Great effort, great ride, great cause :cool:

Great riding - now have a damn good sleep!

I frequently do London/Glasgow, but I sure as heck wouldn’t fancy the additional 400 miles in a day! Cheeks of steel!

Good luck

We went out on the day TDJ left, we tagged along for a bit of his ride then continued into the Cotswolds for a ride around.

I was in agony after 300 miles. My knees hurt so bad when I got home, getting into my soft bed was like sex, it really was fantastic.

I was soo tired after 300 miles of riding that when I spoke to Pyro that evening, after the bastige woke me up, I was utterly incoherent. I was so tired and still in so much pain my mind wasn’t working very well.

Now saying that, this was mainly down to the leathers constricting my knees into a single position for the entire 12 hours I was riding that day, that really stung, plus the very high levels of concentration required for the country road riding we were doing.

All of this is to say…I dunno how TDJ is managing this on a daily basis for the next few days. I couldn’t hack it for a single day, and I did a fraction of the riding he did that day and the next day I didn’t even go near a bike let alone ride even further then I did the day before.

Much kudos sir, I am not sure anyone but bikers really understand just how hard what you are doing is.

Good Luck Mark, hope Ang is waiting with the care and love for your butt when you get back :smiley:

dont forget to polish the bike today :slight_smile:

A little too much detail and way too much mental imagery right now :hehe:



Ang, Mark did say you promised not to open the bottom draw while he was away :slight_smile:

Were you on a bicycle or a motorbike ? :smiley:

Where’s Queen Gertrude when you need her . . . :w00t::wink:

Good luck dude :slight_smile: