Track day Junkie is on the A74 m



He said he couldn’t sleep last night so set off about 3am :w00t:

I got worried once he got to Birmingham as his little green bike hadn’t moved for a few hours and he wasn’t answering the phone, but all’s good. The tracker has to be pressed again after 24hrs and he hadn’t realised as he was ‘on the go’ :smiley:

Next planned stop is for fuel on the outskirts of Glasgow.

MY arse is sore just thinking about that distance !!

Good luck Mark !

Blimey think anyones arse would be sore all those hours in the saddle:w00t:

remember we are all watching, i am at work thinking, i wonder where he is now lol, hope you got the same weather as we have.

i keep flicking it too satalite mode and thinking…coorr…bet that looks lush…lololim watching every half hour…:w00t:…better than big brother this!!!:D.

ang…is he stopping at the lockerbie memorial atall?..would be nice to see pics of that…


wit woo, how cool is that!!! that poor trumpet will need a new radiator after that!!!:wink:

very cool!! good luck TJ

Good progress TDJ :D(but there seem to be two versions of the “track” going on, one from this thread, one from the Spotwalla main site, one a bit ahead of the other, and different sets of comments :ermm: )

Well it looks like he’s stopped in Gretna. He hasn’t run off to get married has he? :D:P;):w00t:

Good luck to her if he has :hehe::smiley:

Not sure what’s occurred there but I’m using this one

His website is having alot of problems with servers. We’ve not been able to view or work on the site on/off for a few weeks but they say the problem is not their end, yet it’s affecting all their clients!


** DOWNTIME ** Monday June 14, 2010
SpotWalla will not be available between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM America/Chicago time Monday June 14th for a minor system upgrade. If everything goes well, the system should be back up within 15 minutes, but a periodic and brief outage may occur during the downtime period if problems arise.

It’s down at the mo - our time :wink:

he has made some mega progress

Ditto my comments on the main thread, he’s level with Dundee and it’s 1 o’clock.

That’s hard core riding, dunno how many miles that is but jeez it’s mighty work.

Excellent progress. Can see he’s just heading off the A9 into Pitlochry - thats one of my fuel coffee stops on my journeys north as well.He’s doing well.

hes def moving with a purpose!! :w00t:

It’s a shame the tracker is stuck, he must be nearly there by now:

Ooops - tracker page suddenly zinged into life - doing VERY WELL Mark:)

are you having a laugh, He is flying, this is what you call a RIDE and not the little bimbles we go on

See above Andy - the webpage we were logged on to had the tracker stuck at Gretna for hours, suddenly it’s “on” again :D:D