track day insurance

I called my insurance company for a trackday insurance, they refused to give me insurance because of the my non UK driving license (I got a full Italian driving license). So I am going to change it asap; in this way I will get a discount on my next insurance policy.

Have you got an idea on how much the insurance for a track day will cost?


like road insurance it will vary depending on.


etc etc.

Also not sure on a bike but my mate does cars and when he gets it they only cover mechanical and not body work

I cant find any insurance for trackday cover to cover your bike 'because if i could i would take the newish gsxr i bought , thats one reason i bought a track bike just incase the worst happens even tho it is a road bike really tax n mot ect, so i can ride it to the track .

you can get personal insurance for your body i allways get that

if any ones knows of a company that does trackday insurance for bikes id like there number