Track day dilema!!!

I don’t know the way anyway so will have to go with others :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh all of us going round confused and asking questions :slight_smile: I think about 75% will be novices so th other experienced chaps won’t have time to ride at all because of us:w00t:

You don’t have to let me to overtake, I will do it anytime I want :slight_smile: I’m not planing to go crazy and mad round the track as my lack of skills is well known but If you be too slow for me I will just do it :satisfied:

try this

tea hut on A2 (shooters hill nr blackheath, see first destination) is prob a good meeting place

opps, corrected map

do you live somewhere round BM ? I could come and meet you there as I will be passing it anyway.

It’s still month to the track day but we could put some post up and organise ourself :smiley:

can top that mate - had to rush to do the run in and prelim service to take my R1 out on trackand that was the replacement for the new R1 with 750miles on the clock i’d written off on the road a few months before…:blink:

ha ha…oh i ride so slow i will be lapped time and again :Whistling:

I’m always worried when people ask if they should use their own bikes or hire one for a trackday. This says to me that the person does not have faith in their riding and thinks they are a liability! Should you really be on this bike if you feel like this?

My opinion is you should use your own bike. Riding on the track is like riding on the road, except better and safer.

He He - just glad I’m gonna be in the " driving Miss Daisy " group away from you on Monday then dude :wink:

For me it’s the knowledge of being is a safer/faster environment and having the opportunity to push it further into the unknown than riding on the road. I just know I will want to push it and push it.

Does that make sense Jay?

you’ll also have the pleasure of the miss daisy’s changing their mind mid corner too

still paying for the r1 crash insurance wise - always nice when a ‘mate’ does an emergency stop on a narrow country road for no apparent reason eh? :wink:

yeah, i live/work very close to BM and use the A2 lots, it will be very quiet going out of town on a week day
start a thread in the ride outs forum by all means, best if you start it as i am but a lowly spectator :wink:

I’ll join you two slags i don’t know the way to brands but i’ve got the tuesday and wednesday so plenty of time for me to get lost:P

Doh !!Maybe he should practise his " stoppies " on a quiet road on his own :w00t:You are right about the " others " in the novice group but TBH I don’t feel comfortable moving up a group yet as only going to be my second TD and I think I would probably get in the way a little :PAt least in the Novices if I find myself being quicker and smoother than I thought then there is little chance of anyone actually being on the right lines so I should be able to breeze on past :cool:

Where did I say that I thought I’d be a liability!! If I didn’t have faith in my riding skills I wouldn’t be doing the track day at all.

The point is that I was worried about taking my bike on the track and damaging it, but as a couple of people have pointed out, I take this risk everytime I take it out on the roads but with worse consequences if I do come off. So I will be using my own bike now :slight_smile:

Hmm, im with u buddy on this one cos i was thinking of hiring a bike at first…but didnt think it meant i felt i was a liability…after all im paying my £145 for the day, same as everyone…and its my bike that has to be repaired if i do come unstuck, same as any other person its happened to. so noone else would be paying to fix it up again…maybe the wording wasnt right but i think i know what Jay was trying to say…dont think it was meant as a personal “dig”…:?

Thats the thing with forums, it’s sometimes hard to read post how they are actually intended to be read :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use the ZX6R???

I’m sure Dave won’t mind :smiley:

milleman (27/03/2008)

yeah tell me about it mate. it aint half hard to judge when someone is slowing or parking it. didn’t realise until it was too late.only messing dude, novices is still a lot of fun, even the people who are a bit shakey are still predictable in what they’ll do (its the same mistakes generally). I did a good few days in novices before moving up. plenty of stuff to learn about riding track other than to get fast enough to ride in the inters and beyondthe thing you just want to try and avoid is passing on the outside mid-corner where you’re exposed for any real length of time - too much risk for them to run you out to the grass or stand up suddenly. much better to take them on the inside (not as they’re about to hit the apex of course!), or out drag them onto the straight/out brake them cleanly.

He did offer but I don’t want to be responsible for his new track bike on it’s 1st outing :stuck_out_tongue:

The biggest cause of crashes that I have seen is people going too fast on their first few laps before their tyres have warmed up, it’s such a common problem and the TD companies now have warnings all over the place about it but on every track day I’ve done I think, people make the same mistake. It’s not just the tyres that need to warm up but your brain also needs to get back into the groove.

Ride at your own pace, improve slowly and remember you’ve got all day to get faster, don’t need to go fast straight away. Do this and there’s no reason to crash :slight_smile:

johnnybravo (27/03/2008)

Gonna focus on getting the right lines as early in the day as possible and then build the speed as comfortably as I can throughout the day - first time on track with " wide bars " so should be entertaining but looking forward to being able to get on the power a little sooner with the twin than on my '10R :DYou were right buddy - we are going to try and get garage 9 ( probably have the banners out anyway ) so make yourself know buddy as will be nice to meet ya ! You never know I might even be able to pick up some tips :wink: