Track day dilema!!!

I am all booked up for the LB track day at Brands on 29th April. :w00t:

I don’t know if I should use my own mint CBR600F or hire a bike for my 1st track day, I know I can be a bit competitive :stuck_out_tongue: What do you lot think?

How much is a hire bike. Do they still rent the R6?

I personally think you should use your own bike. One of the best rewards of a track day is gaining confidence in your bike and it’s abilities and your abilities on the bike.

By the time you get yourself comfortable on an unfamiliar bike and how it handles, you will have lost track time and you won’t be able to tkae what you learn away ansd use it on your bike.

I think most comapnies use new R6’s and CBR RR’s for track hire which will be a completely different ride to your CBR and will handle differently.

One of the hire companies I have looked at does kwaks for £175 with a £350 crash deposit, would obviously be a lot cheaper to use mine.

When I done my bikesafe course the other week I was speaking to the blokes that run it and they suggested doing it on my bike for the same reasons, I am just so scared of having an off and damaging my bike!!

Do you have R&G’s? Although I’ve never done a track day, I’d suggest riding within your comfort zone and don’t push yourself beyond.

I know exactly how you feel Tiggi.

I’d love to do a track day but my TL is precious to me and would be suicidal if it went into the scenery:w00t:

But on the other hand, if I did one I would want to do it on the same kind of machine I prefer to ride anyway.

It is a true dilemma:cool:

I do have R&G’s so I suppose that would take away some of the damage IF I did come off, also seen a post recently about some covers you can get for the casings, maybe I’ll invest in some of them.

NRC hardened engine casings. I think Jay used to run them on his 750.

to be fair you risk crashing it everytime you take it out on the road too (and there is more stuff to hit)

Very true JB

Very true, funny how I am more worried about damaging my bike than myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude just go there and ride your bike ! Have fun and enjoy it !

More you think about crashing, more possible you will finally do it.

See you in novice group :cool:

If you are worried enough about crashing then it wont happen (probably - not getting caught up in any liabilities here!!)

Even riding at 80% on the track is a million times better than the road, the grip, the space, the lack of police :slight_smile: so just keep it within your limits, you will love it.

Just use your CBR and ride within your limits and you will be fine !!

Doing Silverstone on Monday on my two week old Aprilia Tuono ( so I know how it feels to sh1t yourself about dropping it !! )

Don’t fear the track just enjoy it :wink:

Good luck Tiggi! :slight_smile:

I think I will come along as a spectator/BBQ muncher…

Do you think the organisers will allow spectators to watch all the prep and briefings? (to get used to how track days are run and what to expect)

End of the day? you are not the only one going out there first time, and using own bike…dont bother with hiring, just use your own one…the way i see it, i can damage my bike anywhere, if its my own fault well…stuff happens…if its another road user, they pay !! (assuming they have insurance that is)…on the track i wont have cars etc to worry about, it will be me and my bike and im not even thinking of you other “newbies” out there either !! (just dont get in my way!)…

Im not worried about getting out on the track, im more worried about the procedure you go through BEFORE they let us on the track !! you know, have i remembered this, have i got that, do i go here, do i go there…what time do i have to be here or there, what things do i need to do to bike, have i done this that or the other right…whos gonna check my tyre pressure,exhaust noise etc etc…prob on the day, it will all fade into insignificance and i will enjoy the whole shabang (is that a word?) :slight_smile:

Looks like I will be using my own bike then, thanks for the advice guys & gals :smiley:

I’m riding my own bike aswell so don’t worry there will be few of us down there :wink: Think positive and take as much pleasure as possible from this day :smiley:

And you blade, just don’t get in others way :satisfied:

Us lot should all meet up and arrive same time…ha ha…that way we can all make our mistakes on what to do etc, together !!! :stuck_out_tongue: This is going to be so cool…i will be going out on the track like im driving miss daisy for bout first 10/20 mins…:w00t: ha ha…(gotta keep the ol red mist down)…:DOK Arnie, i will let you overtake me…NOT !! :w00t:

yep, no restrictions on people being at the briefings or in the garages