track day boots

Well the zephyrs back on the road so takin it on the track on the 29th,
problem is i got no boots [and no money]. I wouldnt normally wear proper bike boots anyway so all i need is anything allowable in a size 10 for the day

Got an old pair you wouldnt mind lending out for the day ? or could buy if very cheap…

Or does anyone know where we can get some cheap ones?

I did point him towards aldi a few weeks back, but he didn’t listen!

M&P and Busters often have more cost effective boots, I know somebody with Akito (sp?) boots who says they are the best she’s ever had. Sidi aren’t all they’re cracked up to be in my opinion.

Hein gEricke do there own brand ones for £109.99 IIRC.

J&S is a good place to try!

by cheap i think he means like a tenner not 100 quid :stuck_out_tongue:

well compared to supertechs there cheap :smiley: