Track day bike trailer

Hey guys,

for sale is my Trelgo 3 bike trailer, It takes 2 1000cc sports bikes comfy or 3 dirt bikes! It has a few custom bits including Bump Stop Style front wheel clamps which have been welded onto the front of the trailer, these mean that once the bike is loaded it stays really sturdy, also you only really have to lock the back down tight and just tie in the front saving fork pressure!! Extra wide runners for sports bike tyres (fitted in November 10), a metal walking plate so you can walk the bikes onto the trailer.

Most of the pictures are from the summer and it had smaller runners on it then, i have since had a new ramp made and wider runners fitted. I also had 1 new wheel and tyre fitted but have the other as a spare. During the recent service i spent over £500 on it!

the trailer is easily one of the best out there and has had a fortune spent on it, it will carry your bikes far more securely than standard trailers.

Im looking for £750.00 no offers. If your interested PM me! It will go on ebay in the next few days so be quick!! Im also going to have a few other bits for sale as i have some old stuff i need to sell!!

Only selling as i have finally bought a van!








Camp leg in full effect there…

In on-topic news, it’s a good trailer and worth buying if you’re a track day hero!

thanks mate, she has carried us far and wide this year, i’m half tempted to keep it as the van has a tow bar, then we could take 4 bikes, but i don’t really want to be LB trackday taxi driver!!!

We would never have noticed the leg Alex unless you had pointed it out;):smiley:

But it does look a very good bit of kit, good luck with the sale Rixxy:)

manhandling bikes in flip-flops, what could go wrong? :wink:

what can did you get fella? just for TDs?

got a nissan trafic, for work and trackdays!

Do you mean renault dude.:w00t:

i got a bright fookin yellow van:D:D:D:D:D

tasteful and discrete. not like you rixxy :wink:

looks like lex doing the hokey cokey :smiley:

thats a nice sturdy looking trailer :slight_smile:

now listed on ebay with no reserve as it has to sell!!

We also have lots of other bike bits on there!