Track Day Bike Hire

Here there, can anyone please help. I’m trying to find a good bike hire company/person for one day hire for a track-day. Seeing I haven’t done this before, can anyone offer any suggestions from past experiences. I’m looking for a sports bike i.e R6, CBR600 and that the person can deliver it to the track? Many thanks

Focused events do bike hire at most trackdays

just out of interest, if you have a sports bike (avatar) why wouldn’t you want to use your own?

PS No limits use these lot.

Many thanks, have you tried them before?

It’s not for me, plus I don’t want them putting their bike down the road, just in case!!!

Many thanks, will give them a call.

Know people that have used smallboy, bikes seem to be well kept and the gsxr’s are supposed to be quite easy to get on with so could be a good choice. Some TDO do special days were hire bikes are the order of the day so you pay a complete price for the lot.

The thing to bare in mind, is if you throw your bike down the road - scratch the fairing and bend a lever/peg or whatever you have your own time to fix it/buy bits of ebay etc.

If you crash thier bike, then it is (I think!?!) up to £800-£1000 deposit gone depending on the damage.

Yeah, its just they have a lovely looking fireblade and I can’t chance it (plus its a surprise). I’ve checked out the excess and they range from £300-£400 just have to bite the bullet and hope they don’t send it off down the road. Whatever happens, I’ll filmed it so God forbid something does happen, You’ve Been Framed will hopefully show it and I’ll get £250 back :smiley:

ha ha! your nice buying someone a track day and hire bike! will show my missus this… :laugh:

I’m not called babe for no reason. Throw a few hints at your wife, you never know!!! Signing off, gota get this sign, sealed and delivered

Leon, thanks so much for giving me the name of Smallboy bike hire. I decided to go with them and they were fantastic. The whole day they looked after you and there was no need to worry about petrol and things like that. The bike was great - he couldn’t stop talking about it or the track at Cadwell Park. We had an awesome day. Many thanks once again.

no worries, did he take the gsxr? just sold my K7, was a brilliant bike :crying:

Yeah he did, he loved it. Thinking of buying one but saw sense;). What you riding now since you’ve sold your K7? Plus did you do a trackday yourself?

I just did Brands hatch and hired a CBR600RR from this chap The service he provides is second to none. Very professional, he has 5 bikes which are very well set-up, and includes all petrol etc. It cost me £210 for the whole day, and he even made me coffees and gave me biscuits and some riding advice! Great day made all the better by the great bikes.