Track Day at Brands 10-08-05


I bought my husband a track day at Brands on the 10th August as a present and he can’t go…just wondered if anyone was interested?? It’s on your own bike but a great chance to ride the famous track and test your wits. Instruction is included as it is for novice riders…anyone with little or no track experience.

If you have any questions just email me and I’ll do my best to answer

Or you can try my mobile and I’ll call you back 07932 744424


Is that Indy Circuit?

Is it full day or evening?

How much are you after for it?


Yes it is Indie Circuit

It is ALL day ( I think you need to take your own sandwiches!!!)

After £150ish



Don’t know where you saw that…bought mine direct from Brands for £165 so if you can get it cheaper elsewhere then that’s great.

There is only 1 place left though according to the site (plus this one) so if you want to go suggest you sign up fast!!


Gee’s give the girl a break… she’s just trying to get her money back… fair play to her.

Thanks Floyd…much appreciated.

To be perfectly honest I don’t mind how much I get for the damn thing…didn’t realise you could get it cheaper elsewhere or would have done in the first place!!!

Can’t see the point of comments if you have no interest in the item!!

Horse and stable door spring to mind!

Now me and my GSX are going home!