Track Bike Buddy

I’m seriously thinking of getting a bike and making a track bike and doing a few track days a year.

The only thing stopping me is the cost of getting set up initially.

So I was wondering, does anyone fancy a joint venture? or does anyone have a track bike and struggling with costs and wants someone to buy in and split the costs?

I’m not sure if your allowed to book a Track Day and split the track time between 1 bike and a couple of riders or if you pay per person. but i’m sure someone can enlighten me

You pay per person.

Cool, cheers for that, but I take it you can share a bike?

You can but obviously if someone falls off and damages it then you both lose out on track time and or the rest of the day if you can’t get it out again.

Plenty of cheap bikes out there to make into a track bike for under a grand, even under £500 you just have to look and not go for the obvious :wink:

ok cheers.

It’s the transportation etc that i’m thinking of, will need a Van or at very least a Trailer

I’ve just bid on this :slight_smile:

not put a max bid in yet but if it stays in my budget then will keep an eye on it.

I reckon I can stretch to £2k. I saw one on there last week a 2005 CBR600RR With a complete track day starter kit including 3 sets of wheels/tyres, genny, tyre warmers, 3 sets of fairings and loads of other bits. and it went for £3.5K so surely this one must be close to £2k

Nice! Fingers crossed. I’m about a year away from a similar setup. Hopefully I’ll be out with you guys next summer.

cool. be good to have a little Track day gang :slight_smile:

It’s cool to have cheerleaders at a track day right?? :slight_smile:


I can’t find any on ebay! Dammit.

lo. damn!!!

Like I said don’t limit your searches to the obvious.

Honda hornets are good, they used to have a race series.
Sv650 obviously :wink:
Older cbr steel framed 600
Zxr400 or any sports 400 are great fun

You don’t need anything more than a 600 for most circuits in the uk plus it’s all about learning and enjoying.

I wouldn’t go over a 600 as I don’t think you can really get the benefit of all that extra power on a track unless your seriously good on a bike, there’s an old steel framed CBR on ebay at the moment

Think I’ve found the bike I want!!!

RVF400RR with the Tyga RC211V Bodykit.

Cirtainly doesn’t look like a 400, but better still IT’S ORANGE!!!:smiley:

I’ve been looking into this too Sam, major issue for me is lack of a driving license! - going to learn this winter.

I’ve been browsing a lot on, tons of great stuff on there, you have to sign up but definitely worth it. My favourite thread so far (and the bike I’d potentially get) …

For this season its the 750k4, plenty of fun, but a bit nerve racking knowing its a long way from snetterton to kent if you bin it! You’ve got anything done to yours for track? Ever had the suspension changed from stock? Apparently dropping the forks 5mm on these guys is great for quick turn in.

I’ve had the Suspension taylor set up to my riding style and weight etc, Full Race set up front braided hoses, Rear braided hose, K&N Filter, Power Commander 3, Full Yoshimura Exhaust system and a Custom Map. I was going to drop the forks myself as I done it on my Fireblade when we was in the Pyranees and it was awesome. but it rides so well as it is I’ve not bothered yet.

Sounds good, yeah with regards to dropping the forks I’m thinking the same - rides great; I’m very comfortable with the bike, also why I havent looked into tailored sus setup - but perhaps I dont know what I’m missing!